The Next Step After Less

So you’ve been introduced to minimalism? Excellent. You’ve also started decluttering and selling your stuff, I see. What are your next plans then? What remains after less? Continue reading


Some Misconceptions about Minimalism

A lot of people became skeptical towards minimalism when they first heard it. This is no surprise. After all, being stress-free at work and still having the time to pursue our passions and be happy and experience lots of great stuff is too good to be true, right? Says who? Continue reading

Definition of Minimalism


Minimalism is a word that has a lot of meaning. To Google, minimalism is art-related. To most others, minimalism is “giving up possessions and live like a Tibetan monk”, or “living out of a backpack”, or at best “living in tiny houses with no decorations”.

Little do people (and Google) know that minimalism is not just art, but a lifestyle; not an extreme lifestyle, but a desirable one.

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