Against The (Mainstream) Current

This is too mainstream, that is too mainstream.

The present-day Internet meme is bombarded with ‘anti-mainstream’ posts to show uniqueness and, at times, foolishness.¬†Entertaining? Definitely. Enlightening? Most definitely. Are you serious? Of course I am.

Let’s look at the world’s perspective of the Internet meme. Majority sees it as modern entertainment, stress reducer, procrastination inducer, or whatever meaning which revolves around ridding stress, diminishing productivity and gaining fun. Now dive deeper. ‘Anti-mainstream’ posts are memes, so technically, you might say, it kills stress and productivity but boosts fun.

Here is where I say that ‘anti-mainstream’ posts are ‘anti-mainstream’ memes.

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But I’m Too Young To Start

This is a relatively new blog, and I have fears with it: I fear that my efforts will go unnoticed, lost in the Internet ocean; I fear that this blog will be a total failure; I fear that I cannot provide something of value to people, because I am just too young and inexperienced to give directions to majority of people who are older than me. I mean, how many 17-year-olds you know started a personal development blog?

But if there’s one thing I know, it is that I’ve started and is still holding on to this blog.

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