About the Blog

Needs Over Wants is a minimalism blog. Posts here are mostly tips and tricks on how to achieve more with less and be a minimalist.

Some of Needs Over Wants’ posts are opinionated posts, meant to gather bloggers and readers together and spark a healthy discussion. Mannerism is highly valued here, so please respect our fellow bloggers and readers.

About the Author

My name is Kevin Harryyanto and I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am addicted to productivity, and I’m continually learning new things on how to improve myself and hopefully, improve other people’s lives. I enjoy reading and writing (and secretly, chess). You’d often me on my phone, reading e-books in my spare time.

No, I’m not an expert at what I do, not even close to excellence. I’m still young and I lack experience, but I’m willing to take risks, learn from my failures and other’s failures and share what I learnt to people. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’m happy that I am learning and improving daily and I can offer something valuable with this blog.


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