Year in Review: 2014

2014 has been an inspirational year for me, and it would not be possible without Needs Over Wants and its readers. A big thanks to everyone who journeyed with and made 2014 a special year for Needs Over Wants.

Year in Review

In all honesty, this metrics of this site is not that surprising, but it did grow steadily over the months (except November. There’s a huge dent there). I’m very grateful for that. Here is a review of what 2014 is to Needs Over Wants:

May 2014

Returned to long-forgotten WordPress account and wrote an introductory post. Blog was then still “Kevin’s Blog”.

July 2014

First topical post. Posts from then on mostly revolve around personal development.

August 2014

Blog renamed to “Needs Over Wants”. Moved some posts to Students Productivity (inactive).

September 2014

Busiest month for 2014 at Needs Over Wants. Posts now center around minimalism.

November 2014

Dormant period.

December 2014

Wrapping 2014 up with this post.

Popular Posts of 2014

Minimalism and Mental Solitude. The Age of Information swallows us whole with its massive streams of information. Most of them are not even important at all. It is about time for us to filter information that matter and make room for mental solitude.

Minimalism and Social Solitude. The world adopts the Extrovert Ideal, but this is unnecessarily ideal. Sometimes it is good to just drop unimportant commitments, lock ourselves up and grab a book to read.

Definition of Minimalism. What is minimalism? Minimalism is a lifestyle, exclusively dedicated to the idea of “less is more”. To me, I have 2 distinct definitions of minimalism, each applicable in different aspects of our lives.

My Favorite Posts of 2014

Some Misconceptions of Minimalism. More often than not, people shun minimalism, thinking that they should give away worldly luxuries and live on almost nothing. Such thoughts should be well-addressed and minimalism should be clearly defined.

A Different Christmas Culture: Travel. A touch of what the holidays are like here in Indonesia. Some thoughts on whether or not travel is an appropriate gift (not limited to Christmas gifts) to our families.

The Ever-Changing Market: Harm to Minimalism. Advertisements stimulate mindless material acquisition, excessive consumerism and materialism, also FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). We need to stop chasing after the wind, and fight against it instead.

Thank you for all your support throughout this wonderful year. Thank you for reading. I look forward to an exciting new year here at Needs Over Wants with more posts advocating to the idea of living less, and I’d like to invite you to join me in 2015.

See you all next year.


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