The Next Step After Less

So you’ve been introduced to minimalism? Excellent. You’ve also started decluttering and selling your stuff, I see. What are your next plans then? What remains after less?

When you try to achieve less, something else will be more. Less purchases means more money; less clutter means more space; less commitments means more time. This may seem desirable, but ask yourself this: what are they for? If you’d say to buy more stuff and to find new commitments, then you’re stuck with the never-ending loop of minimalism and anti-minimalism.

The only good use of your excesses is to cash them in for things that give meaning to our lives. Personally, this includes personal growth and contribution. Excess money can be donated, or cashed in for books and seminars that can help improve ourselves; excess space can be sold (or freely given) to those who need them more; excess time can be invested in reading or learning new skills.

Below are some ideas on what to do with your excess money, space and time once you’ve obtained them:

Health. Almost everyone would like to live long enough, whatever their reasons. Spending your excesses on gym memberships, routine exercise schedules and healthy eating habits is a good place to start. Also, spending on health also bring positive side effects such as happiness.

Relationships. No man is an island. In a way, relationships is the easiest form of contribution because you do not need any rare and special skills, so spend some time catching up with an old friend or even your parents.

Skills. Jobs in the present society often require special skills that only a few possess. So start investing on skill books and learn how to be useful in the society.

Self-growth. For it to grow, a plant needs – aside from carbon dioxide, water and sunlight – time. We too need our “carbon dioxide, water and sunlight” in the forms of books, seminars, talks and workshops, as well as time to let ourselves grow.


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