The Easiest Way to Declutter Your Desk

Decluttering is such a *insert negative noun here*

Often finding yourself saying that? Well a lot of people face this very problem and can get frustrated with it. Stress no more! Below are 3 short, sweet and simple steps to declutter and get back up on your productive saddle.

1. Clear everything off your desk.

Yes, everything. Clear your desk as if you just got them from the store. Put all other items on the floor and wipe your desk clean.

2. Go through your items.

Ask yourself, “Do I often use this while I’m on my desk?” A regularly updated calendar deserves a spot on your desk, but last year’s paperworks could be placed elsewhere. The rule of thumb is if you use the item more than once in a month, it should be on your desk.

3. Return the sorted items on the desk.

Now put your sorted items back on the desk. Put items that you most frequently use on the desk surface and the least frequently used ones in out of sight places like desk drawers.

Bonus: Set up specific times to declutter.

Be it every day, week or month, it would be wise to declutter frequently at preset times. That way, your decluttering process will not be as frustrating as when you declutter a mountain of stuff.

And that’s basically it! Decluttering is simple, and you should not stress over it. You’ll be surprised on how you can easily focus now that your distracting knick-knacks are out of the way.


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