Starting Out

Hello everyone! So first things first: My name is Kevin Harryyanto, and this is the first entry to this blog. So if you are reading this, then I’d like to welcome you to this site.

This blog is going to be a blog on minimalism, to be filled with posts specifically on minimalism in technology, clutter and personal development. Since I’m young (and terrible at handling money), I won’t dive into topics such as money and business just yet. In the future, more topics will hopefully be introduced to discuss minimalism in various life aspects.

To be honest, I am new in the world of minimalism. I only started reading blogs and articles and books about 6 months ago. I am also new to professional blogging (I only blogged about my daily experiences once when I was 10, it was embarrassing enough to convince me to delete it), so I just picked a preset WordPress theme to simplify things.

Yes, this is a new blog, so I would love to hear your opinion on what I did right and wrong to improve my blogging skills and hopefully continue to deliver better articles.

So again, hello everyone and welcome!